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13. Maira (Mary) Paulina Jockisch



Jockisch, Maria (Mary) Paulina (November 17, 1842 IL-) m: Apr 4, 1866 Cass, IL Nickel, Charles (Germany-)                        

Short Biography of Maria Jockisch


Maria had 8 years with her father and was the youngest of the family. Maria was surrounded by those speaking German at home and at church. It was only at school she hear English. Being young she probably picked up both languages fairly easily.

            She fell in love at the age of 24 with Charles Nickel who was born in Germany and came over with his parents. They had six children: Franklin, Christina, John, Mrs. Mary Robinson, Edward, Charles and Howard.


Nickel, Franklin C or O (January 5,1867 Cass Co., IL -June 2,1932 Concord, Morgan IL 65) -m: Gaddis, Clara E. He was a plumber

               1910 Concord, Morgan, IL Census for Franklin C Nickel age 43 born in Indiana. Father born in Germany and mother in IL. He married Clare E age 37 born in IL. Her parents were born in IL. Children: Clarence O age 14 IL, Roy E age 11 IL, Pauline age 8, Viola E age 6, Arpha O age 4 and Clyde F age 4 months. Also living with them is Silas Trent age 19. Silas was born in TN where also his parents were born.


   1. Nickel, Clarence Otto.(@1896 IL-) m: Deitrick, Hester

     a. Deitrick, Mary E.

   2. Nickel, Roy E.(@1899-) m: Deitrick, Sarah

     a. Nickel, Robert F.

     b. Nickel, Paul D.

     c. Nickel, Constance

   3. Nickel, Pauline Gail (@1902 IL-) m: Morris

   4. Nickel, Viola (@1904 IL-)Esther m: Grotte,

   5. Nickel, Arpha O (@1906IL-) m: Mason, Everett

     a. Mason, Eleanor L.

   6. Nickel, Clyde F. (1910 IL-)

     a. Nickel, Virginia I.

     b. Nickel, Doris J.

   7. Nickel, Grace E. Gaddis (Adopted)


B. Nickel, Christina


C. Nickel, John H.(1872-1955) m: Lippert, Lulu (1879-1959)

   1. Nickel, Charles H. m: Gustafson, Esther

     a. Nickel, Alice L.

     b. Nickel, George H.

     c. Nickel, Wilbur C.

     b. Nickel, Dorothy J.

   2. Nickel, Elmer V. m: Blankenship, Ruby

   3. Nickel, Clarence F m: Davis Frances

      a. Nickel Jr., Clarence


D. Nickel, Mary L. m: Robinson, John C

   1. Robison, Lulu

   2. Robison, Martha J.

   3. Robison, Carl C.

   4. Robison, Ada R. Hungate, William L.

     a. Hungate, Mary O.

   5. Robison, Julia E.

   6. Robison, Ethel I.


E. Nickel, Edward L. m: Hogan, Iva I.

   1. Nickel, Paulina H.


F. Nickel, Charles


G. Nickel, Howard