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1998 - 1999 School Year

                We are now at my last year of teaching in the public school system and full time teaching. The clothing a teacher wears has changed from the 1960's. Then the women wore dresses, now we wear slacks as seen in the below classroom picture.  Also my name is Mrs. Anderson.



                My salary went from $5000.00  in 1965 to $32,835.00n in 1998. If I had stayed in the same school district,  it would have been a lot higher. Every time one starts anew one is given the base pay for education and experience.  By now I have taught every grade level K-8th and substituted in high school from California to  Colorado and finally retiring  in Arizona.  My students have come from mostly low-income to middle income neighborhoods. The Hebrew Academy and the Trivium would be exceptions.   Those students that were able to spend the whole school year at one school benefited the most.  At Valley View they now hired a school psychologist to help the students. None of the other schools for which I taught had one.  I guess a sign of the times.  In addition we now have speech teachers. Here at Valley View free breakfast and lunch were given for most of the student's since the majority were from low income households.

                In the library some of the books for these young children teach two mommies and two daddies.  The text books on history leave out the founding of the United States on Christian values.  The children in science are taught by some teacher's they came from an ape instead of teaching both the evolutionary and creation theory. A teacher is not allowed to have a Bible on his/her desk.  No one is allowed to pray out loud. However, one can introduce the occult and help the children to have "spirit" guides.  The Supreme Court of the USA did make a ruling students were allowed to pray out loud.

                Yes, the moral's have really changed.  One of our President's of the USA had oral sex.  At home one of my first grade male student's learned of this and in the cafeteria was showing how it was done to the other children by using a banana.

                Whereas Physical Education was everyday, it has been reduced to two days a week. Now children are having to start taking tablets to help them calm down instead of getting the exercise they need.  Oh, which reminds me.  I noticed when the children had hot dogs for lunch they were much more fidgety in the afternoon.

Other pictures of these students:


                Notice the orange  sphere handing behind them. This is a planet. At the beginning of the school year we paper -mâchéd all the planets and but a string going by them. Each had a rocket ship with his/her name. As a certain number of books were read and a report written, their rocket would move from planet to planet. The ones reaching Pluto (now not a planet) received a prize.  The second picture is the Thanksgiving puppet play.

                Teaching involves a variety of methods. One is song.  In teaching the continents to the students we sang: There are seven, there are seven continents, continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South American, New Zealand, Australia. Help me out. Did I remember correctly?

                To learn the planets:  My                              Mercury                              

                                                          Very                            Venus

                                                           Excellent                   Earth

                                                           Mother                     Mars

                                                           Just                          Jupiter

                                                           Served                    Saturn

                                                                Us                           Uranus

                                                                nice??                   Neptune

                                                             Pizza                         Pluto


                When teaching the color "brown". One of my precious students raised his hand and said "I am brown all over."  When walking to the cafeteria one said, "Can't you just smell God's perfume."  Another time a child said, "Can't you see Santa's sleigh landing on the roof of the cafeteria". I told that to one teacher and she felt I should have told the child there is no Santa Clause.  Childhood is so short why spoil it?


                The start of the school on August 17,1998 at 8:00 A.M. was a general assemby on the school grounds of all grades to say the Pledge. Entering into the classroom attendance was taken and being the first day I introduced myself. Our first tasks were to choose a name for our class, make up the classroom rules, and elect officers. They decided on City of Arizona.  The following are the city laws dictated by them:

1. Wash your hands before you eat.

2. Don't write on desks, walls, floor, doors, windows or books.

3.Don't kick, bite, pinch, punch, blow on, or push people.

4. We are nice to each other. Be kind to people. Be friendly, No put downs. Don't steal.

5. We listen when someone speaks.

6. Be on time.

7. Obey the teacher. Don't talk back to the teacher. Listen to the teacher. Don't talk when she is talking


1. Put in the corner and Behavior boasrd shows needs  improvement.

2. Contact Parents.

3. Sent to office. (if fighting, stealing or severely disrupting the class the office is contacted immediately).


1. Receive a cookie at the end of the day.

2. After a week of good behavior

                1. Sit on the bean bag or

                2. Paint after lunch.

                3. On the last day of the school week, if all homework is completed and good behavior, play      games during the last half hour of class.


The class went to Music on Monday (8:55 -9:25) , P.E. on Tuesday and Thursday (8:00-8:30) , Art on Wed 8:45-9:15 and Friday: Library 1:30-2:00.

          Looking at the newsletter below you will see the classroom was divided into four districts. We had a Mayor and councilmen/women, garbage & recycle director, store Manager, Recreation Director and city Manager.     


VETERANS DAY                                                                                                    CLASSROOM OFFICERS


                The following is one of our first news letter.



                Jerome, my husband, wanted to move to California. I retired and sold the apartment complex.  Jerome fixed up the house and we received a good selling price. In California I purchased a nine unit apartment complex. We moved into the house I had inherited from my parents which is in the city where I attended high school 1956-1960. GO Temple City RAMS.

The paper filled out was sent home at the end of the week or on Monday.


                Due to the children not knowing how to read a variety of teaching method's were used. One was learning the sounds of letter combinations. I sent home the letter combinations and asked the parents to have them say the sound of the letter as they print it or them. In September we learned our bodies are wonderfully made and studied the bones, muscles, nerves, and joints connecting the bones to they can bend.  We went to the science Museum and paid particular attention to the body, and nutrition for a healthy body. Further we studied about space and weather. 

                Math: I read a problem to them to give the answer. Example: Katrina has some apples, Israel gave her five more. Now she has 13 apples, how many di Katrina have before Israel giver her five apples?


                The City News for Sept 8,1998 gives the poems they are learning, the party schedule for the school year with which parents are helpers and which ones are baking.

                More Math. Teaching Money using play money. "Each day each child has received a penny. When five pennies were reached, it eas changed for a nickel. So far we have changed pennies for three nickels. Two of the nickels were exchanged for a dime."

                The news letter further covers counting by fives and ones. Odd and Even numbers, Prime Numbers. measuring, and graphing. Measuring: We have drawn around each other and then took the yard stick to measure the height of each person. Graphing: We did our first graph. The students figured out how many children and parents lived at home from each child's information. From this information we made a bar graph.

                Writing: Everyday they wrote in their journal. On Friday they wrote about their families and drew a picture to illustrate. These were collected and made into a book about Our Families.

                Writing instruction: Since most students are not able to spell every word correctly nor look up the correct spelling in the dictionary, the children were instructed to say the word and put down the letter sounds they hear. I then went around asked each what they had written, putting it under their words."

 The Students of the Month had their pictures published in the Newsletter. We had a class photographer take the picture. By October we also had a Parent of the Month. In October we went to A Dairy Farm. I see we now have a list of spelling words all ending in "in" for the week of Oct6 19th. The week of Oct 26th were words with on, an, en and in.

                Our parent-teacher conference for October had a 95% turn out. This is more to be expected in the lower grades.

                I see in our Nov.10th issue we were writing a letter to Utpal in India. In February we teamed ups with Mrs. Johnson's 5th graders and did Eggs across the Net. This particular time they blew the contents out of the egg, decorated it and packaged it to mail to other states.  Another time they participated in making a platform for the Naked Egg Drop.  This is where a raw egg is dropped from a specific high into the plat form. The object is the survival of the egg.

                The March newsletter says they were tested on March 3 and 4th. All made progress. One student tested 2nd grade. Further, it states: "We are completing the American Girl series Addy concerning slavery, the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation. In January we completed Felicity and learned about the War for Independence and why we celebrate the 4th of July."

                By March in writing the children were doing rough draft and then helping each other to correct their mistakes for the final draft.

                School ended on May 27th. On May 15th we walked to the literacy site on Central with the help of two parents finishing with luch and awards. May 26th we walked to Pepe Pizza  again with two parents and with Mrs. Johnson's fifth grade. They were asked to bring $2.00. so they could play the machines.  May 27th the fire department came and hosed down the students. ARIZONA IS HOT!!!


                                 The students took home their all the newsletters make into a book.  Having a copy of this book helped me write this blog.

                Finally, I have Valley View 1998-99 book showing projects we did with the 5th graders. These included planting trees, and doing an egg hunt. Besides a letter of recommendation from Mrs. Johnson for me to be hired as full time teacher dated July 2,1992. Concluding with certificates from the students to me. They bring tears to my eyes. All I can say is THANK YOU: Mrs. Johnson, Diana Fuentes, Stephanie, Alfred, Violet, Monty, Libby, Davidson,  Vicente Sanchez, Jeremy Snyder, Ronnie Bogensechutz III, Jonathan Perea, Garrett Gonzales, T. Williams, Jeff Brown, Gary Villegas, Cynthia and Russel. All dated 1999


A poem the children memorized: Starting in September

Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in New England

by Felicia Browne Hemans

The breaking waves dash'd high

On a stern and rock-bound coast,

And the woods against a stormy sky

Their giant branches toss'd;


And the heavy night hung dark

The hills and water's o'er,

When a band of exiles moor'd their bark

On the wild New England shore.


Not as the conqueror comes,

They, the true-hearted, came;

Not with the roll of a stirring drums,

And the trumpet that sings of fame;


Not as the flying come,

In silence and in fear;

They shook the depths of desert gloom

with their hymns of lofty cheer.


Amidst the storm they sang,

And the stars heard and the sea;

And the sounding aisles

of the dim woods rang

To the anthem of the free!


The ocean eagle soar'd

From his nest by the white wave's foam;

And the rocking pines of the forest roar'd

This was their welcome home!